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We welcome new people and equine organizations to our membership. Annual dues are $10/person or $50/50 members for groups. Paid memberships receive a discount to their annual Today's Horse Magazine subscription. SD Horse Council breed and organization members can also receive a free breed booth display for their club at our annual SD Horse Fair. Print membership forms at the link above and mail with dues to SD Horse Council, PO Box 983, Brookings, SD 57006.

South Dakota Horse Council Scholarship Started at SDSU
Your support is requested...

The South Dakota Horse Council has begun an installment endowment with the South Dakota State University Foundation to benefit equine students in the SDSU Animal Science Department, and the NCAA equestrian team in the SDSU Athletic Department.

In 2012 an initial contribution of $10,000 was given to SDSU to be grown to a full scholarship endowment of $20,000. In 2013 another payment of $10,000 was made fully funding one scholarship bringing the total amount to $20,000. The scholarship awarded will be divided 50/50 for each of the following scholarships:

1-South Dakota Horse Council, Inc. - Scholarship in the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences.

2-South Dakota Horse Council, Inc. - Scholarship for NCAA Equestrian team in Athletics.

Both scholarships require a student to have a 3.0 GPA and preference will be given to a South Dakota native and those who have helped with SD Horse Council Activities, including their helpful efforts at the SD Horse Fair. Scholarship recipients will be selected by the Animal Science Department and Athletics Department representatives.

It has always been the goal of the SD Horse Council to support educational opportunities for our youth.

Your check is greatly appreciated. This donation goes DIRECTLY to the SDSU Scholarship Fund! We welcome your contribution this weekend, or...

Please mail your support to:
SD Horse Council, Inc.-“SDSU SCHOLARSHIP”
P. O. Box 983
Brookings, SD 57006

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